• Lost and Found

    the journey to friendship with your feelings and embracing the shadow - the message from 'Dr. Strange'

    some useful hints from Gelong Thubten - your practice is to benefit others

  • Inner Navigation

    No one can become meditation for you.

    No one can stop you from becoming meditation.

  • Meditation Distinctions

    There are many forms and many purposes for meditation.

    This form of sitting practice is very simple and straightforward.

    At the same time, the distinctions for this form are clear.

    Each distinction is an aid to navigating your inner world.


    Some call it meditation, contemplation, reflection, introspection, recapitulation, self-observation, or prayer. I call it sitting. You may or may not have a practice of sitting. Self-sitting is not unique to the work of discovering radiant joy and brilliant love. In almost every tradition of self-development or self-discovery throughout history and throughout the world, some form of sitting is practiced. For thousands of years, since well before recorded history, people have used self-sitting as a foundation tool for unifying their mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies and for developing skills in inner navigation. Not that it matters, but the regular practice of self-sitting is scientifically proven to relieve emotional, mental, physical, and psychic stress, and to facilitate shifts through the liquid state. One of the traditional purposes of sitting is self-knowledge. While searching for this elusive “self” what we do observe and get to know is our Box. Self-sitting is therefore a way to study Box Mechanics. Furthermore, self-sitting builds matrix.

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